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Mail out on Disclosure Project and recent petition aimed at U.N.

This issue weighs in above all others in 21st Century society. I've just sent this out to everyone in my address book... it's worth as many people as possible doing the same.



Please support the UNITED NATIONS DECADE OF CONTACT, and let your friends and networks know!



is a one-off email regarding the Disclosure Project launched by Dr
Steven Greer. The project has gained new impetus following the recent
speech of former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Heller at the
Exopolitics Symposium held at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto.
Mr Heller wants greater openness from national Governments on the alien
and UFO fields and has joined the previous call for change by Steven
Greer's Disclosure Project where over one hundred officials from
military, government and civil life stood up at a global news
conference and claimed they were prepared to diclose their knowledge of
alien related phenomena in front of a court.

Additionally, this latest petition draws internationl
attention to the weaponisation of space. This is an issue the former
defence minister wants discussed by every national government and
follows the rather disturbing footage taken from a recent Space Shuttle
satellite feed where a ground based weapons system can clearly be seen
'firing' upon a UFO in the earths upper atmosphere. [See STS
48 shuttle mission] .

If any element of this information is
true, it re-arranges "politics" as we know it today and therefor there
is no higher issue in need of consideration.

Petetion in full is here:

Disclosure project video footage in various sizes for quick download or streaming:

Email me back for shuttle video feed

Disclosure Project:


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