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Hi there!

I have been feeling very strongly this quickening or whatever it is that is happening on this world. Some of my experiences are documented here on LJ, but most of it is just too wierd to ever talk about, and probably not relevant either. I have listened to Art and Terrence speak on the subject extensively, and it seems to be something that everyone notices: The shamans, the prophets, the "remote veiwers" and psychics, even some scientists are saying there is something to this date in 2012. I am beyond doubt that something occurs.

Through my recent experiences I have formed a few ideas about what it may look like. I am assuming this is the place to post them. Keep in mind that these are theories ONLY!

Connection, strong connection between all the people, maybe all the everything. This may or may not be facilitated by technology, but I'm inclined to believe that it will be, by activities such as what we are doing here on the net in blogs. A collective existance within a universal mind, that old chestnut. This would, theoretically, unite us with all those people who have "Passed On"...

I definitely believe we will be capable of and practice advanced space travel, at least within our galaxy. I doubt this will be done in physical vessels, more likely will be some type of shamanic astral travel or chemicly induced flight that we end up figuring out (Thinking Sagan's "Contact" type of thing). There do seem to be many historical allusions of shamanic explorers traveling to "Other Worlds", that seems a clue.

I think that whatever it is, Terrence is onto something by pointing out these shamanistic practices of ancient cultures. After all, how would the Mayans and other peoples have known about this date? I believe it will have something to do with reclaiming those powers or amplifying them exponentially in some way.

I also am one of those who believes that we are being observed/studied/attacked because of this, that it is of intense interest to the rest of the sentient biological galaxy. I also think we should be wary of some of these species, they may covet this quality in us.

I think that if we can make it there it will be something wonderful. I do think that there are some dangerous hurdles though, and if we are not careful and caring we may indeed end up in a situation like that described by biblical and other spiritual texts' "End Times".
Let us strive toward the light of that date and all that which lives within us!
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