time and its discontents

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Have you ever noticed how there's this quality to reality which comes and goes, and kind of ebbs and flows and nobody ever mentions it or has a name for it except some people call it a 'bad hair day' or some people say 'Things are really weird recently.' - terrence mckenna

things are going to get weirder and time is going to speed up until we reach the end-point - speculated date dec. 21 2012.

the aim of this community is to discuss the coming paradigm shift, and to talk about taking action in preparing ourselves and others. i will mainly use this as a blog to post interesting articles, but hopefully this can end up bringing forth some good discussions.

ask yourself:

what do you think will happen when timewave zero hits a singularity?

what signposts have you noticed regarding the increase in novelty and complexity that is increasing at an exponential rate?
if you're all "huh?" about this, here are some links.

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